Linyi Yonglei Labor Protection Supplies Co., Ltd
Manufacturer strength
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The company has invested 2 million yuan in capital, 8 million yuan in fixed assets, the factory covers an area of 15 acres, has two warehouses with a storage capacity of 2000 square meters, and 15 sets of existing production equipment.
Quality Assurance
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To ensure the processing quality of the protective mask from the source, the quality is stable, green and non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. The company strictly produces in accordance with national standards and requirements, with an average daily production capacity of 1,000 pieces.
five advantages
Bring a good experience to customers
Bring a better experience for your customers
Wide range
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The company mainly produces protective masks, wind-proof masks, sand-proof masks, dust-proof masks, splash-proof masks, welding masks, and protective glasses to provide our customers with quality services.
Worry-free service
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To exceed customer expectations as the goal, to operate with integrity as the criterion, product details are checked at all levels, pre-sales, sales, and after-sales one-stop service system, free home delivery.
price advantage
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There is no middleman to earn the price difference, factory direct sales, and the products are directly shipped by our factory, eliminating the intermediate link of exploitation and benefiting customers.
About us
Linyi Yonglei Labor Protection Supplies Co., Ltd.

Linyi Yonglei Labor Protection Supplies Co., Ltd. (former Linyi Zeyue Labor Insurance Products Factory), the company address is located at the east of Jiebai River, north of Shenyang Road, Linyi Economic Development Zone, with convenient transportation 15 kilometers away from Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and 15 kilometers from Changshen Expressway. It is superior, 5 kilometers away from Linyi Qiyang Airport, and the logistics is very convenient...

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